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Enough rapidly from everybody's love and invertment
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I really appreciate to customers of Elcomtec and all people who show interrest to us.
As a company that produces LED lamps, mobile lens and curved glasses, which are new growth engines, Elcomtec's corporate motto is customer-oriented management to be in harmony with customers through competitive products.

We make products using major source thchnologies of each business sector.
We promise that we will have world-class competitiveness in technology, cost and quality through endless development and innovation to take a leap in the global era.

Plase watch Elcomtec's growth and always give us your interest and support.

We promosie that we will grow with customers by estabishing an organic and efficient cooperation system between branches and quickly supplying competitive products with advenced technologies and functions.
President : Young-Hoon, KIM
CEO Mesage
As a company that produces LED lamps